Friday , October 20 2017

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10 Powerful Signs You Are Going To Be Successful

going to be successful

You are wondering “what are the signs I am going to be successful?” To be successful means you are doing things right or you are constantly doing the very thing successful people do. There is no one formula or format to be successful but there are behaviors or signs which …

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Never Give Up on Yourself. Here are 8 Reasons Why

never give up on yourself

“Never give up on yourself!” You are constantly told. But how true is this statement. Why are you told to never give up on yourself? Is it because we are beings with purpose and ability to change the course of history? You are born to create and make. That is …

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10 Effective Skills Every Genuine Millionaire Master

10 Effective Skills Every Genuine Millionaire Master

Yes, I know you dream of becoming a millionaire. And you have been thinking “how can I make this possible?” How can I make money the right way that can lead me to a millionaire dollar status? Every genuine millionaire master several skills that gives them an urge to earn …

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5 Ways to Effectively Sell to Your Customers

effectively sell

If you are not selling as a company, you will be out of business very soon. Unfortunately, the old ways of attracting customers to buy your products are fading out and giving way to more innovative ways of getting customers to buy from you. Competition is high – thanks to …

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11 Dumb Ways People Make Enemies

dumb ways people make enemies

We all do silly or dumb things once in a while. It’s natural; after all, we aren’t perfect. But what irks me the most is doing really silly things that earn you enemies you don’t need. Below are 11 dumb ways people make enemies: 1. Arguing: It is all well …

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9 Sure Ways to Making Money Online: $1000 Least

making money online

Making money online is easier today than it was many years ago. The invention of the internet has made it easy for a lot of people to transact business without having to move an inch. Instead of wasting your time online gawking at useless memes and celebrities photos, why don’t …

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You Will Fail Until You Stop Doing This


Why would you take the pain to fail? I got woken up by my roommate. He had just return from a lecture. I checked the time and it was 12:30pm in afternoon. I had missed my lecture again! I felt horrible. I knew I had to be at that lecture …

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When I lost my Friend to Death


Oh Death! why do you do this to us? why do you snatch from us the ones dear to our heart? It was a dry Saturday morning. I was standing in front of the old church building where I received my baptism.And as I trod towards the entrance, the cold biting …

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10 Simplified Ways To Improve Customer’s Satisfaction

customer's satisfaction

How do you improve your customer’s satisfaction? Every business wants to make its customers happy and satisfied. Although the demands of customers keep growing, these businesses haven’t given up but have developed various strategies to fill their customers’ desire. If you are a businessperson reading this, there is good news …

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