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9 Sure Ways to Making Money Online: $1000 Least

Making money online is easier today than it was many years ago. The invention of the internet has made it easy for a lot of people to transact business without having to move an inch.

Instead of wasting your time online gawking at useless memes and celebrities photos, why don’t you explore opportunities on the web that can make you a fortune. Below are 9 ways to make money online without living your room.


With the advent of platforms like amazon, there is no need to worry when it comes to sharing your knowledge and expertise and making an income out of it. In fact, the fear of rejection from a publisher is no more. One can now self-publish with ease.

All you need to do is to put your knowledge into writing, convert into an e-book and by following simple steps on amazon’s website, your book would be on sale on the internet in few hours.

Graphic Design

Can you edit photos, make designs for leaflets and posters, or design digital invitation cards? If you answered yes to any of the question I posed, congratulation, you are in for a good business.

Images are important to large number of businesses, especially those with social media presence. Therefore, they are looking for various ways to strengthen their organization’s brand visually.

Great images evoke seriousness, trust and other positive emotions about a business’ brand. Hence, companies are searching for individuals with great skills and expertise on how to design, reshape and edit pictures, posters and even design a company’s logo to look more appealing to their customers and people they are seeking to attract.

Site such as fiverr provides the opportunity to market yourself and help you easily get access to clients who are willing to pay you to do all sort of design, editing and other form of digitally artistic works.


With the emergence of virtual classroom, there is no need to move to a physical structure to learn a new skill. Virtual classrooms have provided an opportunity for many people to learn new skills where hitherto, would not have had the opportunity to learn due to location, means of transport and other roadblock in their path.

More people are moving online to learn and acquire skills they believe would better improve their lives. This provides avenue for individual who possess skills they can teach to others. If you are an expert in playing any musical instruments (like the piano, guitar), cooking various kinds of dishes, teach mathematics, computer programming etc., this might be a chance for you to positively impact others while making some good money in the process.

Website such as Udemy provides creative and knowledgeable individuals a place to showcase and teach their skills to people who are willing to pay good money to learn.

If you are interested, visit the site, create an account as a teacher, record a series of videos; provide a step-by-step approach on how to learn whatever skills to you want teach.

In addition, make sure you respond to feedbacks. Be open to suggestions and make necessary improvement to your teaching, as this can help you further develop better courses for your students.

Web Development

Many companies want an online presence and for most of them to achieve that, they pay for others to build a website for them. Every small business is trying to make their presence known online. Why?

Because over two billion people spend a considerable amount off their time online to connect with love once, find solutions to their pressing needs and to also learn new things. And since most companies know about it, they find a way to be online. Website is a tool used by these companies to launch themselves on the web.

This offers great opportunity if you can build a website or any web application. There are businesses out there willing to pay you thousands of dollars to create solution for them. To get ahead of the competition, have a professionally well-designed website with some few projects you have done.

Create a fan page on Facebook and also have a page on Instagram. These mediums would help you advertise your skills to get more clients. Facebook advertisement isn’t really expensive. You can also use platforms such as, where you can get people who are looking for Individuals to design a website or web applications for their businesses.


If you are a creative person and especially good at videos, this is your chance. Starting a channel on YouTube is as easy as registering for an email address. You don’t necessarily need to have advance knowledge in any subject to be on YouTube.

All that is required is interest mixed with curiosity and discipline to post on regular basis. Look for something interesting in your environment: Anything you can share with the world. I always advice those planning to have channels on YouTube to always have a camera with them anywhere they go. Be curious about things and be more observant. You’ll be shocked how many things you can capture and share with others for entertainment and for learning.

If you are patient enough and take the opportunity to go out more often, you won’t be short of content for your viewers. Once you have steady increase in your viewership, you can apply for Google AdSense to monetize your account so as to earn money from people who view your channel.


Do you know how to create beautiful hand-made craft like bracelets, painting, carving, sewing etc.There is an avenue online for you to sell them to make money. Even if you can’t design them but can have access to nice handcraft work, you can also sell them online. is an online platform which allows artist to exhibit their designs and sell them to an audience who are interested in acquiring them for their own personal use.

Create an account on Take good pictures of your items and upload them onto the site. Ensure to inform your customers on issues such as

  • Delivery
  • cost involved and
  • How long it would take them to get the items they purchased.

Make your customer experience a great one so as to get good reviews and referrals. You can use platform such as Instagram to also showcase your design and sell to people who are interested in them.


For those who love writing, this is for you. Blogging is no more a thing you take as a hobby. In fact, you can make lots of money through it. But to be able to make money from blogging, you need to write about topic and issues that aims at solving the needs of people.

You can use to analyse topic which people read about and share a lot. You can also use google trends to figure out what most people are searching for. These online tools help you to have a fair idea which areas or subjects a blogger should focus on. But don’t be limited. There are still audience for any topic you have excellent knowledge on.

One key thing about blogging is to be consistent: Post regularly, write great content and respond to your audience questions and opinions-be engaging. People are craving for information and new experience; your ideas might just be what people want to read.

Don’t be scared about the competition or be afraid that there are several blogs out there. Most people who read other blogs are still looking for other website to find new perspective to the subject they are reading on. Your task is to find a unique way to address issues or subject you plan to blog about.

Buying and selling Domain

This is by far one of the easiest means to make money online. Go to and find which industry is trending and has a high demand for domain names. Put your creative cap on and come up with simple, catch and easy to remember names in the industry that you chose.

Register the name you have created and advertise them online. In addition, use your social media platform to advertise. There are several groups on Facebook where you can sell your domain names. You would be surprise what people would be willing to pay to have that domain you created. Some domain names if well-crafted, can be sold for thousands of dollars.

Forex trading

Learning about Forex trading is easier than you think. Websites such as can provide you with all the information you need to get started with Forex trading.

Take a few hours to learn the tricks and techniques on how to trade. Register an account with various trading companies online and start trading. also has forums where experience traders who are making money online (lots of them), share their trading secrets and technique which you can adopt into your own trading.

In conclusion

In as much as it’s easy to start a business online, it takes a lot of discipline, focus and perseverance to carry through all the plans you have. If you think it’s easy to run a business online just because you have a laptop in front of you, think again. Success comes with hard work, so is it with making money online. You need to put in the work to get the kind of result you want.

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