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Succeed At Anything You Want-Follow My 4 Steps

How do you Succeed at Anything you Set your Mind to?

When I was younger, I believed I was going to be great, successful and very influential. I got several feedbacks from friends and love ones about how talented and gifted I was. Reading the biographies of great men like Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, J.F Kennedy, Nelson Mandela and various others heightened these desires. I was sure I was going to succeed seeing all these positive things happening in my life.

I got it all wrong

But I was wrong. Not wrong because I couldn’t achieve what my desires were. I was wrong because I had a poor mind-set as to how I was going to achieve this fit. My pride, complacency and self-entitlement succeeded in making sure that I failed at anything that would have made me a positive influence in the lives of many. I had no one to tell me the simply difficult truth; that I will have to put in the effort, time and develop the right skills needed to achieve my dreams.

I’ve failed severally over the years in my attempt to be successful. And instead of finding out what was going wrong, I blamed everyone around me but myself. My relationships suffered, I found it difficult to make and maintain friends. Academically, my grades began to fall, I blamed my professors for making the subject difficult and all I kept doing was blaming and accusing everyone. But it didn’t kill my desire to want do something great. I still had the desire in me.

Searching for Answers

A year ago, I got fed-up with this life of blame and indiscipline. I decided to do something about it: I turned to Google for answers- doing research and finding out how I could turn my life around. I discovered 4 guaranteed qualities to help me succeed and so far, I have seen considerable improvement. I’m sharing it to help anyone out there trying to find answers to turn things around in their lives.

My 4 Steps to Succeed at Anything

Live Everyday with Humility

Humility is one virtue that might seem to make you look weak. But I have come to appreciate how powerful it is. A dose of pride is good when it is balanced with humility (which helps to put our ego in check).

Remember that, there is always going to be someone better than you. Accepting this will considerably help you learn a great deal to transform your life.

When I set out to blog, I learnt all I could and with only information from the internet, I built my blog. I began writing but no one was reading. Frustration set in. Luckily, I joined a group on Facebook where I met more experienced bloggers.

Here I was, getting 20views a day and these guys almost having 20,000 views on their websites. I had to put my pride aside, contact a few of them to help me out. I got rejections at first, which greatly hurt my ego but I tried once more. I got one experience blogger who gave me some tips and advice on how to increase my traffic. Just by being humble, I got the knowledge I needed to succeed.

Learn to Make Discipline a Part of Who You Are

Let’s face it. You know what it will take to make you succeed at anything you plan engaging in. We all know too well that those we consider highly talented and successful achieved that through discipline.

Discipline makes sure that we get a lot done within a specified period. Currently, I’m learning JavaScript, reading a book on the biography of Steve Jobs and writing articles for my blog. I work 8- 9 hours a day. I have timetable for these schedules. I need to discipline myself every day to complete these activities. Discipline is doing what you have to do whether you feel like it or not.

Being Persistent In The Face Of Challenges

Oppositions and obstacles are unavoidable in life. At one point in your life, you are going to face it. One key quality to overcome all this hindrance is persistence. Knowledge, talent or skills won’t take the place of persistence – the ability to continually pursue a course of action even in the face of adversity or opposition. It is impossible to succeed at anything if you lack this virtue. To be unconditionally committed to a course of action to its end is something you should aspire for if you want to achieve your dreams.

When my grades were bad at college, I should have put in the effort to study harder, got more resources and assistance to help me get the concepts taught but I didn’t. I threw in the towel and instead, opted for something easier which took me far away from my dreams. I have learnt my lessons and won’t compromise, but face my barriers and overcome them.

Building Relevant Skills and Perfecting Them Every Day

As I stated earlier, I regret not taking my study serious enough. I short-chained myself from learning all relevant skills which could create opportunities for me to better my life. I’m currently correcting that and learning all I can. “It’s better late than never” as the saying goes.

In today’s competitive financial and job market, the surest way to put yourself above everyone is learning the right and relevant skills. This is what I do to be ahead. I recommend it to you too.

  • Spend at least 2 hours a day reading books, journal or article in the field you want to excel at.
  • Practice what you’ve acquired and better at them.
  • Get mentors who can advise you on how to improve and use the skills in a way that can set you apart and make you relevant

I hope you enjoyed reading. I want to succeed and I also hope by reading this post, you develop the self-belief that you can succeed at anything you set your mind to.

Until my next post, keep doing what will shape your life positively. Don’t lose hope.

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