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You Will Fail Until You Stop Doing This

Why would you take the pain to fail?

I got woken up by my roommate. He had just return from a lecture. I checked the time and it was 12:30pm in afternoon. I had missed my lecture again! I felt horrible. I knew I had to be at that lecture but somehow I found an unexplained way to miss it.

To find a way to cover up my guilt, I took my bath, got my lunch and foolishly sat behind my computer whiles I enjoyed the latest series from CSI Miami.Graduation seems a long way and a couple movies and lecture misses won’t do much harm.

I thought so until poor grades started buffeting me like asteroid.For once in my life, I realize I wasn’t immune to failure and I was going to fail if I didn’t do something about my attitude.

I know most of you can relate with this story or know someone who is living their lives this way as if tomorrow is dead. That is a sure road leading you to your failure. There are little things we over look or think it doesn’t really count to becoming successful.

Today, I share with you 6 attitudes that will guarantee you fail.

Laziness mixed with procrastination

Are you still at page 7 of that 300 page book on investment you started reading 6 month ago? Yeah, we all have been there some point in our lives. Everyone wants to be financially successful, live healthy life, make first class or build that app to disrupt the tech world.

But it seems we can’t find the motivation. We just don’t know how to stop procrastinating. We seem to have so much good intention but always fail to act. So how do we stop being lazy?

Let make ask this question. Do you wake up one morning feeling all energize to accomplish your to-do-list and other time, you feel like “Damn, I’m gonna sleep all day”.If you’re living your life like this, then you are being controlled by your emotion.

To be successful, you have to prevent your emotions from dictating how you live your life. Once you have your plan, you must act upon it whether you feel like it or not. And that requires discipline.

Lack of discipline and focus

Beep! Notification from Facebook “Bradley commented on your post”.

To tap your notification button or not, requires discipline, especially when you are working on a project or assignment that will help you achieve your goals. To focus our mind on one event at a time and not allowing it to wander requires self-discipline and dedication.

Unfortunately, many of us lack the will to stay away from indulging in activities that is taking us nowhere.As such, we ensure that we earn a ticket that’s taking us to failure.

Not committed enough to your goals

Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.
-Calvin Coolidge

Every year, a lot of us graduate from the university with a degree, master’s or Ph.D. But let ask ourselves. How many of us actually make an impact that changes the course of history? maybe 1%. It’s interesting to know that we have more drop-outs making impact and changing the world.

It doesn’t mean education is not important. What we need to realize is that acquiring knowledge in itself changes nothing. Until we are willing to apply what we know and ready to go through the process to the end, we can’t be able to see the success we always expect to see in our lives.

Not learning from past mistakes

There is no rehearsal before you begin to exist. Most experiences might be your first time. It doesn’t give us the excuse to just live anyhow.

How do we prevent ourselves from making avoidable mistakes? There is a pattern to life even though a lot of experiences might seem to be your first time. The principle to living seems to remain constant. Once you make a mistake, you should take every opportunity to learn from it and not take things for granted.

We also need to always have a time in the day where we recount our lives to see where we succeeded and where need more improvement. This kind of retrospection allows us to learn from our mistakes going forward and making us better people.

Rationalization: A book full of excuses

Personally, I have made a lot of excuses in my life. Rationalizing what should have been a bad attitude I should have changed. It cost me in a way I doubt I can be able to quantify. You find yourself in a situation where you try to be defensive and live in denial.

You make up sound logic and even facts to back why you can’t change for the better. You claim you’re being ‘realistic’. The Altar of failure awaits you and you will be slaughtered by misery. Learn to accept your mistakes and failure. Know that, until you accept your current circumstance as being bad enough and require change, you will keep yourself in a state of perpetual failure.

No plan or goal to help you measure your success

if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.
-Benjamin franklin

What does it mean to be successful? And how do you know you’re successful?

You can’t just be busying around claiming you are working hard or doing all you can to succeed when you don’t know what success means to you. Being busy is no sure way to prevent you from nose diving your way to failure.

To guarantee you’re on the right path, you need to put down your goals; draw a strategy on how you are going to achieve each one of them. This will help you cut away unnecessary activities and help you focus on what is important. Don’t live your life without a plan otherwise you are planning to fail.

In conclusion

Let work at these areas of our lives to make sure we are doing things right. Failure is not a state everyone wishes to be in. And there is no sense in leading yourself to that state. Whether you live your life with a plan or not, your destiny is in your hands, you can chose to live a life of prosperity or a life of mediocrity.

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  1. I believe that being successful is balanced between the ability to make ends meet and the happiness level I receive from job satisfaction.

  2. This is what happened to me during GSCES and some subjects I knew I could have got better grades in if I actually did coursework on time. I had learnt my lesson by A-Levels and my degree as I got the grades that I deserved as I worked hard x

  3. I work in Sales as my “9-5” job and all of these reminders are so on point and true. You ca’t be lazy if you want to succeed!

  4. I hear you with this post .. I’ve been there so many times. For me .. one of the biggest things that helped turn it around was thinking about my future self. The idea that all of the little things I do today .. she’ll thank me for later on.

  5. It’s hard to fight with procrastination. We all do it, we all lose the notion of time by watching Netflix, we all postpone things. It’s ok to do it for a bit but it’s important to realise when we cross the limit and take procrastination take over our daily life.

  6. Everything you say in this post is so true. I have to admit I suffer from procrastination and focus sometimes. I have been working on these areas in my life. Sometimes It’s worth sitting down and reevaluating your approach to things.

  7. Procrastinations is my biggest problem. There always seems to be something more important to do than study or work. It’s something I need to learn how to control

  8. Oh, how I needed this in my life. I am not committed enough to my goals… As soon as I realised this, I started to act. And there is always a way. I always say I don`t have time, but in fact, we don`t focus enough to finish other tasks to have the time we need. Great post 😀

  9. a well written post, post like this is good motivation for all to know that the very end of our lifes starts from the very same beginings we pushed from, hardwork pays in all we do along with dedication.

  10. It’s true for folks from all walks of life. If you want to achieve your goals, all the points you have listed in your post above are so true.

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